In a unique setting in the heart of the “Marais d’Olonne”, our Salines boutique, a unique site in the colors of the Vendee Globe sails, you will discover a whole universe of sweet/savoury products.
Open all year round!

souvenirs de vendée - les salines aux sables d'olonne
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Pottery and souvenirs

You’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide range of boxes, handmade pottery and souvenirs of all kinds to offer your loved ones or to keep as a memory of your stay in Vendee !

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Handcrafted compositions

Discover all our know-how in the different compositions and gift ideas we have created in Les Salines workshop.

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Coarse salt

Use it to cook your dishes, grill your meats, or use it as a stock; coarse salt is an essential element in your cooking! Produced, harvested and bagged in our salt marshes. Available plain or flavored.

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Marsh appetizer

Troussepinette, Rillettes, pâtés, terrines, aperitif cakes, white wine… will take you on a journey through our region during your time with family and friends!

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Vendean Confectioneries

Come and discover our 100% local delicacies: caramels, crackers, salted butter cookies, sweets and candies from our childhood. There’s something for every taste bud!

In store

Fleur de sel

Give your dishes a unique flavor with our Fleur de sel. Nicknamed the “White Gold of the Marshes”, Fleur de sel is rarer and more delicate than coarse salt, giving a special flavor to foods. Plain or flavored, it will enhance all your dishes!