Boat trip in Les Sables d'olonne

Boat Trip, in the heart of Les Sables d’Olonne

Sail through one of the most beautiful marsh in Vendee : the "Marais d'Olonne". As you sail along, aboard the "Mireille" or the "Jonathan", you'll explore a unique, unspoilt and enchanting environment... The trip continues with a meeting with the Salt Maker and a visit to the Salt Adventure Park.

For the whole family


2h30 to 3h


Adult price:24€


Child price (3 à 12 years):14€

Programme of the Boat Trip

boat trip in vendee

The Boat Trip

A 1-hour guided tour of the saltwater river and its secrets, aboard the “Mireille” and the “Jonathan”. Take a boat trip to the hidden side of Vendee, a real encounter between relaxation and authenticity…

The Salt Adventure Park

Right in the heart of the salt farms, on 10 hectares of marshland, embark on the fabulous Salt Adventure. Follow the paths to discover Gallic huts and guardhouses.

Meeting with the Salt Maker

Revelations about salt traditions and the crystallisation process, demonstrations…

The salt harvest

Become an apprentice salt-maker in the “Marais d’Olonne” and take home your own harvest of salt (special for children).

boat trip in vendee

A wonderfull Boat Trip in Vendee…

The “Mireille” or the “Jonathan” will take you back in time to the golden age of the marshlands during an 8km trip along the water, starting at Les Salines in Les Sables d’Olonne city. This nature activity will transport you to a magical, soothing place where only the trees and birds stir in the wind. The tour then moves on to the heart of one of the most beautiful marshes in Vendee. Here, the “Saunier” will reveal the secrets of the white gold. Then the tour continues to the Salt Adventure Park, where you will explore the fabulous odyssey of the white gold.

Our boat departures this week …

Monday June 17th : 3.15 P.M

Tuesday June 18th : 10.00 A.M – 2.30 P.M

Thursday June 20th : 3.15 P.M
Friday June 21st : 3.00 P.M

Sunday June 23rd : 3.45 P.M

Our departure times are communicated only one week in advance (every Friday).

Please reserve your seats online. In case of unavailability online, please contact us on +33 02 51 21 01 19. We will always have places available by phone!

boat trip in the heart of Les Sables d'Olonne
Boat trip for all the family in Vendee
Boat trip in nature
Boat trip in Les Sables d'Olonne
Boat trip in Vendee
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