Animation for children - The Salt harvest

Children activity – The salt harvest

At the end of the "Saunier" meeting, each child can go down to the saltworks and harvest their own salt. A magical and memorable moment for children and parents alike. Your family holiday will have a salty taste!

3 to 12 years


30 MIN

Activity included in all our tour packages

The salt harvest

Just after the Salt Maker’s commentary, become an apprentice salt-maker in the “Marais d’Olonne” and take home your own harvest of salt. At the end of the commentary, each child will be able to take their precious treasure home with them. A holiday souvenir with a taste of salt. A must-see children activity in Vendee.

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What a better way to spend your holiday than with a souvenir you’ve collected by yourself ?

Under the watchful eye of their parents, children will have the privilege of joining the Salt Maker on the salt works. They’ll be able to follow in their footsteps and harvest their own salt, using the Salt-Maker’s tools. They’ll be able to put themselves in the shoes of those who produce salt and understand the full dimension of this beautiful ancestral craft.

It’s a manual activity that allows children to move from theory to practice. It’s a truly special moment that will remain engraved in the little ones’ memories.
That same evening, they’ll be delighted to add a pinch of their own salt to their dish, to bring out the flavour of your cooking. An experience that will undoubtedly leave its mark on their holiday in Les Sables d’Olonne.

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An event where each child is privileged and becomes, for a moment, a real “Saunier”.

At the end of this children’s activity, head off to discover the Salt Adventure Park, a visit out of time where you can explore the Marsh, its history and its biodiversity…
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