The canoe adventure

Canoe Adventure

1 hour canoe trip with the children on the Salt River. Meeting with the "Saunier" at the salt works and salt harvesting by the children. Access to the Salt Adventure Park with enigmatic and educational games for young and old alike.

For the whole family


2H30 to 3H


Adult price:22€


Child price (3 à 12 years):16.50€

Programme of the adventure

canoes in les sables d'olonne

The Salt River in Canoes

A 1-hour canoe trip on the Salt River in the heart of the “Marais d’Olonne” marshes. A nature experience for the whole family or with your friends. And for children, there are riddles and treasure hunts waiting for them !

The Salt Adventure Park

Right in the heart of the salt marshes, on 10 hectares of marshland, embark on the fabulous Adventure of Salt. Follow the paths to discover Gallic huts and guardhouses.


Meeting with the Salt Maker

Revelations about salt traditions and the crystallisation process, demonstrations…

The salt harvest

Become an apprentice salt-maker in the “Marais d’Olonne” and take home your own harvest of salt (special for children).

Canoe adventure

The Adventure Package – an unusual visit to discover the “Marais d’Olonne”.

Just a few kilometres from the crowded beaches, the marshes offer a different face of the “Pays d’Olonne”. A canoe trip along the Salt River is a fun and sporting way to discover the marshes, followed by a visit to the Salt Adventure Park and a meeting with the Salt Maker (with salt harvesting for children). Discover the marshes, where you’ll be carried away by the calm and gentle scenery. Explore the unspoilt flora and fauna of the marshes. The canals are a great place to relax and take a playful approach to this environment, where games and curiosity come together… Emotions and memories guaranteed !

Canoe or Paddle rental only

With “La Terrasse des Salines” you can hire canoes or paddles. The base offers tours from 1h30 hire. The base is equipped with open kayaks and paddles, guaranteeing quality and safety. For information on simple hire, please contact “La Terrasse des Salines” directly:

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Canoe in Les Sables d'Olonne
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“Here, calm envelops us, with only the cries of the egrets that fly away as we approach breaking the silence. A mule jumps… and Flop… a feeling of well-being invades those who come across this fauna and flora, the riches of the marsh”.