The meeting with the Salt Maker

A unique and authentic encounter with our "Sauniers". Following a boat trip, a canoe trip or simply exploring the Park, the Sauniers invite you into their jealously guarded world. Find out more about the traditions of salt-making, watch a live demonstration of the harvest and learn about the crystallisation process.



30 MIN

An authentic and natural activity – Included in all our packages

nature activity with children

Meeting with the Salt Maker

Find out more about the traditions of salt and the crystallisation process, and watch a demonstration of the harvest. An authentic opportunity to discover the natural and cultural heritage of Vendee. A nature activity in the heart of the environment.

nature activity with children in vendee

The salt harvest

Become an apprentice salt-maker in the “Marais d’Olonne” and leave with your own harvest of salt (special for children). At the end of the commentary, each child will be able to take their precious treasure home with them. A holiday souvenir with a taste of salt.

Nature activity in vendee

A nature activity in the heart of Vendee, discover a natural living heritage…

At the Salt Adventure Park, it’s time to take a break and discover the secrets of the white gold. The “Saunier” trade is an important part of the cultural heritage of the Vendee region and Les Sables d’Olonne city. Take a moment to learn from nature’s workers how salt reaches your plate! At the end of the visit, the long-awaited moment arrives when the “Saunier” invites each child to discover and practise his or her trade. It’s a magical moment for both children and parents.

It’s a real highlight of the holidays, and a must-see nature activity in Vendee, retracing an ancestral know-how that is an important part of the region’s cultural and natural heritage. Hush! The meeting is about to begin, listen up… You’ll never taste salt in the same way again!

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salt maker - nature activity - les salines
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meeting with the salt maker les salines sables d'olonne
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In the marsh, as in life, everything has to be earned. Being a “Saunier” means knowing how to work in harmony with nature, the land, the sea, the wind and the sun…