Autumn colors in the Marsh

L'un des plus beau paysage de Vendée en Automne

One of the most beautiful Vendee landscapes in autumn. Let yourself be inspired by the autumn colors in the marshes.

autumn colors in the marshes of Les Sables d'Olonne

Discover one of the most beautiful Vendee landscapes in autumn: The Marshes

Come discover the flamboyant autumn colors of the marshes in autumn! By boat or on the Salt Adventure Park, for young and old alike, a breathtaking spectacle guaranteed! One of the most enchanting landscapes to discover in autumn…

Embark on an unforgettable journey by boat or canoe, and let the beauty and fullness of the Marsh transport you to a world of wonder. Enjoy a calm and relaxing stay in a setting full of mystery and magnificence…

Our activities for your autumn break

The Salt Adventure Park 

In the heart of a 10-hectare marshland salt farm, embark on a fabulous Salt Adventure. Follow the trails to discover Gallic huts and guardhouses.


The meeting with the Salt Maker 

Revelations about salt traditions and the crystallization process, demonstrations…

balade en bateau les sables d'olonne

The Boat Trip

Become an apprentice salt-maker in the “Marais d’Olonne” and take home your own harvest of salt (special for children).